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Table 3 Pilot search strategy using Medline (via Ovid), run from start date to present (11/03/2016)

From: The effects of public health policies on population health and health inequalities in European welfare states: protocol for an umbrella review

  Study design Intervention: population level Outcomes: health related Outcomes: inequalities
Search number 1 2 3 4
Search strategy reference (including deviations) Terms from McMaster University [31] and SIGN [32] (plus specific umbrella review terminology) Terms from Bambra et al. [27] (changed positional operator (adj) from 3 to 8 and included additional search term using health adj8 to intervention terminology) Terms from Cairns et al. [22] Terms from Bambra et al. [17] (excluding fluoridation and water supply, access to health care, public transport and neighbourhood crime terminology)
Search strategy details in Additional file 2 including deviations from Lines 1–6 (excluding animal studies—lines 11–13) Lines 7 to 10 Lines 15 and 16 Lines 17 and 18
Number of hits 355,412 8,821 8,550 1,724
 Target papers     
 Bambra et al. [17]
 Main et al. [13]
 Oldroyd et al. [35]
  1. The complete search strategy is detailed in Additional file 2 (online)