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Table 2 Inclusion/exclusion criteria

From: A systematic review of adolescent physiological development and its relationship with health-related behaviour: a protocol

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Studies/reports involving: Studies/reports involving:
• Adolescents (nominal age range 10–24 yearsa)
• Physiological development, including developmental influencers (e.g. biochemical influences, hormonal activity, enzyme activity, and neurotransmitters), with related outcomes
• Health behaviour (explicit or implicit), including lifestyle or behavioural factors/outcomes, and decision making
• Children (e.g. under 10 yearsa) as sole focus and/or
• Adults (e.g. >24 years of agea) as sole focus and/or
• Atypical or pathological physical/psychological/physiological developmental focus (e.g. eating disorders, addictions, gambling, or major mental health disorders) and their treatment interventions
• Sport performance studies
• Adolescent pregnancy (as sole focus)
• Incidence, prevalence, or trend papers (as sole focus)
• Protocols for studies yet to be undertaken
  1. aNo definitive age barriers will be used to avoid excluding potentially relevant research