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Table 3 Population, intervention, comparison and outcome (PICO)-proposed criteria for inclusion in the systematic review

From: The effectiveness of workplace interventions to increase physical activity and decrease sedentary behaviour in adults: protocol for a systematic review

Acronym Term Description
P Population Apparently healthy, working age, adult employees (≥18 years of age) from Western/developed countries.
I Intervention Interventions were delivered within the workplace with a focus on increasing physical activity and/or decreasing sedentary behaviour. These interventions may include but are not limited to the following: workplace challenges or competition, education and counselling, changes to workplace culture and policy, and/or changes to the physical work environment or in access to facilities.
C Comparison This review will include all experimental study designs. Control groups will be used for comparison when available, but no restrictions will be placed on the comparison group.
O Outcomes Primary outcomes will be a change in physical activity and/or sedentary behaviour. The secondary outcomes will include various other benefits associated with the intervention and relevant to the workplace. These outcomes may include but are not limited to the following: absenteeism or sick days, presenteeism or work productivity, quality of life, mental health, and/ or return on investment.