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Table 6 Term-enriched topics

From: Supporting systematic reviews using LDA-based document representations

Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3
School Teen birth rates Program activity
Plains School Murders
Murders Weakly Educare
Cultural tradition Corresponds Projected
Gang membership Ngos Multidimensional index
Juvenile delinquency prevention program Chile Program activity
Immigration Latino culture Fast track
Educare Wore Socio-economic circumstance
Recollections Nonneglected children Nonneglected children
Program activity Skillful Hopkins
Topic 4 Topic 5 Topic 6
Medical students Mental health worker Shrinking
Program evaluators Skilful Murders
Nepal Cortical Social disorganization
Coverform Trauma Gang membership
Selfconfidence Papel Herd
Suicidality Longitudinal designs Medical student
Risk protective Commentators Kofi
Reasoned Jugend Ordered
Discontinue Original abstractamendedcd coden chdeaw Outdoor adventure program
Breed Cultural system Projected
  1. Items in italics refer to multi-word terms