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Table 1 Quantitative data (outcomes) to be extracted from the studies

From: Protocol for a systematic review on the effect of demand generation interventions on uptake and use of modern contraceptives in LMIC

Category of outcomes Example of indicator
  - Direct costs
- Indirect costs
- Health system costs
- Household costs
- Household revenue and expenditure
Effectiveness - Unmet need for modern contraception
- Use of modern contraceptive method
- Ever-use of contraception
- Ever-use of condoms
- Contraceptive prevalence rate
- Readiness/intention to use a contraceptive method
- Changes in knowledge, attitudes, beliefs about FP and/or contraception
- Discussion of contraception and FP either between partners or between parents and their children
- Readiness/intention to use a modern method of contraception
Impact - Fertility
- Abortion
- Unintended pregnancies