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Table 1 Review eligibility criteria checklist

From: A systematic review investigating the cumulative incidence of chronic kidney disease in young adults with impaired glucose tolerance

Study design Cohort studies
Case–control studies
Study characteristics Full articles
Conference proceedings
Grey literature
Other (please specify)
Participants Studies where some participants are aged 18 to 40 years
With IGT
  With pre-diabetes (can refer to either IGT or impaired fasting glucose (IFG)
  With metabolic syndrome (where IGT is part of metabolic syndrome)
Free from CKD at baseline
Comparator Participant with normoglycaemia
Participants with diabetes
Outcome Chronic kidney disease [eGFR stages: 3A, 3B, 4 and 5]
ACR (albumin creatinine ratio ≥30 mg/mmol
PCR (protein creatinine ratio ≥50 mg/mmol
SCr (serum creatinine) data
CrCl (creatinine clearance) data