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Table 3 Data categories extracted from included studies

From: Mentorship in nursing academia: a systematic review protocol

Data category Data extracted
General information ID numbers, authors, title of article, type of publication, year of publication, and language
Study characteristics Aim of the study, study designs, inclusions and exclusion criteria, recruitment procedures and sample size
Participant characteristics Age (mean/SD), gender, years of experience as a RN (mean/SD), years of experience in academia (mean/SD), and other characteristics of interest described by the authors of the studies
Setting Country, institution, and other setting characteristics described by the authors of the studies
Mentorship interventions Description of the mentorship intervention(s) and how the intervention(s) was developed, implemented, and evaluated
Outcomes Primary and secondary outcomes and definition for each outcome reported
Ethical characteristics Ethics approval, informed consent, information provided to participants
  1. RN, registered nurse; SD, standard deviation.