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Table 4 Data extraction sheet modified from REPOSE Guidelines

From: An evaluation of methods used to teach quality improvement to undergraduate healthcare students to inform curriculum development within preregistration nurse education: a protocol for systematic review and narrative synthesis

Study characteristics  
General information Article title
Author name(s)
Publication date
Country of origin
Introduction Study aims and rationale
Study research question(s)
Theoretical underpinning
Methods Research design
Sample strategy
Outcome measure(s):
  Data collection/analysis
  Evaluation model/method
Intervention Type of learner(s)
Intervention description
Teaching method
QI model used
Learning environment
Group size
Outcome measures (1) Knowledge, skills and attitude/behaviour
(2) Student reaction/patient outcomes
Facilitating factors e.g. support structures
Hindering factors e.g. lack of resources
Outcome/results Follow up
  Author’s conclusion