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Table 2 Characteristics assessed

From: Systematic reviews of observational studies of risk of thrombosis and bleeding in urological surgery (ROTBUS): introduction and methodology

Year of publication Patient recruitment (first and last year)
Source of samplinga Study typed
Country/countries Multinational (yes/no)
Urological procedure(s) Total number of patients
Gender distribution Age (mean/median/threshold)
Proportion of patients with malignant disease Use and extension of pelvic lymph node dissection
Patient use of mechanical thromboprophylaxisb Patient use of anticoagulantse
Patient use of aspirin or other antiplatelet drugsc Patient use of both mechanical and aspirin/anticoagulantsb,c,e
  1. aEither retrospective case series, register/administrative database, or prospective cohort study.
  2. bIncluding antithrombosis stockings, intermittent pneumatic compression devices, and foot-pumps.
  3. cIncluding aspirin, clopidogrel, dipyridamole, prasugrel, ticagrelor, ticlopidine, cilostazol, abciximab, eptifibatide, tirofiban, as well as thromboxane inhibitors, thromboxane synthase inhibitors, thromboxane receptor antagonists, and terutroban.
  4. dEither single-surgeon series; single center, not single surgeon; multicenter in one country; international multicenter.
  5. eIncluding warfarin, low molecular weight heparin, low dose unfractioned heparin, rivaroxaban, dabigatran, apixaban, fondaparinux, and idraparinux.