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Table 1 Evaluation framework

From: The impact of Cochrane Systematic Reviews: a mixed method evaluation of outputs from Cochrane Review Groups supported by the UK National Institute for Health Research

Main category Subcategories Further details
1. Knowledge production • Impact within research community • Number of times review is cited
  • Stimulating debate in research community
  • Methodological developments
  • Other methods of dissemination • Press coverage
2. Research targeting • Influence on other research • Identification of gaps in knowledge
  • Follow-on research
3. Informing policy development (includes actual and potential) • Impact on national or government policy • e.g. NICE guidance
  • Impact on international policy • e.g. WHO guidance, or international professional bodies
  • Policies agreed at national or local level in the form of clinical or local guidelines • e.g. Guidance produced by local trusts
  • Policies developed by those responsible for training and education • Local or national
4. Impact on practice/services (includes actual and potential) • Evidence-based practice • The use of research evidence by different groups involved in clinical decision-making
  • Adoption of research findings and health technologies by health-service providers
  • Adherence to research-informed policies and guidelines
  • Addressing barriers to evidence-based practice (e.g. training)
  • Number of mentions in media
  • Quality of care • Efficacy of health services
  • Availability, accessibility and acceptability of services
  • Utilisation and coverage
  • Cost containment and cost-effectiveness  
  • Services management and organisation • Management of health-service procurement and provisioning (public and private)