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Table 1 Study inclusion criteria

From: Predicting OptimaL cAncer RehabIlitation and Supportive care (POLARIS): rationale and design for meta-analyses of individual patient data of randomized controlled trials that evaluate the effect of physical activity and psychosocial interventions on health-related quality of life in cancer survivors

1. Study design Randomized controlled trial
2. Patients Adult (≥ 18 years) cancer survivors
3. Intervention Physical activity or psychosocial intervention
   Physical activity intervention Psychosocial intervention 1
   Physical activity advise or education Providing information/counseling
   Aerobic exercise Support groups
   Resistance exercise Coping skills training
   Combination Psychotherapy
4. Control group Wait-list, usual care or attention control
5. Outcome Health-related quality of life included as primary or secondary outcome measure
  1. 1According to the Framework proposed by Cunningham [25].