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Table 1 A framework for tackling inequalities in obesity

From: Tackling inequalities in obesity: a protocol for a systematic review of the effectiveness of public health interventions at reducing socioeconomic inequalities in obesity among adults

Individual Community Societal
   Strengthening individuals Strengthening communities Improving living and work environment Promoting healthy macro policies
Disadvantage Gap Targeted Health education, health promotion and social marketing; Diet and exercise advice and counseling; Weight management advice and monitoring; Conditional cash transfers; Lifestyle counseling; Exercise on prescription. Community health and fitness centers; Health trainers; Group, work or community based exercise programs; Group, work or community diet, lifestyle, or weight management advice and/or counseling; Healthy eating campaigns in workplaces; Group or community organized education or support; Localized point of sale social marketing; Neighborhood based physical activity programs.   
Gradient Universal    Access to physical fitness facilities (e.g. gym subsidies); Availability of healthy food; Green spaces, walk-ability and the built environment; Traffic light labeling. Restrictions on advertising high fat and high sugar foods; Food prices and agricultural subsidies (e.g. changing the Common Agricultural Policy); Fiscal measures to regulate supply and demand (e.g. taxing high fat and high sugar foods).