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Table 3 Similar interventions not in primary care settings

From: Primary care-based educational interventions to decrease risk factors for metabolic syndrome for adults with major psychotic and/or affective disorders: a systematic review

Authors, year Title Setting Description of intervention Length of intervention Appropriate for primary care
Brar et al.,[42] Effects of behavioral therapy on weight loss in overweight and obese patients with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder Mental health Manual-based behavioral techniques for weight loss 14 weeks Yes
Brown, Goetz, Van Sciver, Sullivan and Hamera,[43] A psychiatric rehabilitation approach to weight loss Mental health Goal setting, social support, skills training, more frequent visits with providers, meal replacements 12 weeks No
Chafetz, White, Collins-Bride, Cooper and Nickens,[45] Clinical trial of wellness training: health promotion for severely mentally ill adults Short term residential treatment Promoting individual skills in self-management of illness 12 months No
Evans, Newton and Higgins,[46] Nutritional intervention to prevent weight gain in patients commenced on olanzapine: a randomized controlled trial Mental health Nutrition education sessions 12 weeks No
Fosberg, Bjorkman, Sandman and Sandlund,[47] Physical health – a cluster randomized controlled lifestyle intervention among persons with a psychiatric disability and their staff Residential mental health Curriculum including motivation, food content, stress and fitness 12 months No
Jean-Baptiste et al.,[48] A pilot study of a weight management program with food provision in schizophrenia Mental health Weekly group sessions w/dietitian and psychiatrist, pedometers and food (or reimbursement) provided, individual nutrition support, grocery store visit 16 weeks No
Khazaal et al.,[51] Cognitive behavioral therapy for weight gain associated with antipsychotic drugs Mental health Cognitive behavioral therapy 12 weeks Yes
Kilbourne et al.,[52] Improving medical and psychiatric outcomes among individuals with bipolar disorder: a randomized controlled trial Mental health Self-management sessions on bipolar disorder, promotion of provider engagement, education related to cardiovascular disease 4 weeks Yes
Kwon et al.,[53] Weight management program for treatment-emergent weight gain in olanzapine-treated patients with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder: a 12-week randomized controlled trial Mental health Educational program with food diary, nutrition education, exercise management 12 weeks Yes
Mauri et al.,[55] A psychoeducational program for weight loss in patients who have experienced weight gain during antipsychotic treatment with olanzapine Mental health Weekly psycho-educational meetings emphasizing weight loss with personalized diet plans 24 weeks No
McKibbin et al.,[56] A lifestyle intervention for older schizophrenia patients with diabetes mellitus: a randomized controlled trial Residential mental health Diabetes Awareness and Rehabilitation Training (DART) 24 weeks Yes
Mcreadie et al.,[71] Dietary improvement in ppl with schizophrenia: randomized controlled trial Residential mental health Giving fruit, veggies and meal planning to patients (vs. fruit/vegetables alone) 6 months No
Poulin et al., 2007[61] Management of antipsychotic induced weight gain: prospective naturalistic study of the effectiveness of a supervised exercise programme Mental health Education, physical education counseling and exercise 18 months No
Rotatori, Fox and Wicks,[62] Weight loss with psychiatric residents in a behavioral self-control program Inpatient mental health Behavior therapy 14 weeks No
Skrinar, Huxley, Hutchinson, Menninger and Glew,[63] The role of a fitness intervention on people with serious psychiatric disabilities Mental health Exercise, weekly education seminars 12 weeks Yes
Weber and Wyne,[65] A cognitive behavioral group intervention for weight loss in patients treated with atypical antipsychotics Mental health Based on Diabetes Prevention Project (DPP) program to prevent diabetes 16 weeks Yes