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Table 1 List of characteristics and outcomes extracted from each review

From: The quality of research synthesis in surgery: the case of laparoscopic surgery for colorectal cancer

Review characteristics Review outcomes
Date assessed as up to date Positive radial margin (%) Postoperative mortality (%, 30 day)
Population Positive distal margin (%) Length of hospital stay (days)
Intervention(s) Radial margin distance (cm) Overall morbidity (%)
Study types Distal margin distance (cm) Local recurrence (%)a
Reported outcomes Operative time (min) Distal metastases (%)a
Review limitations Nodes harvested (n)a Port site or wound metastases (%)a
  Anastomotic leak (%) Cancer-related mortality (%)a
  Pneumonia (%) Disease-free survival (%)a
  Urinary tract infection (%) Overall survival (%)a
  Surgical site infection (%)  
  1. aOncologic outcomes included in Additional file 2.