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  1. Instrumental activities of daily living are essential for ageing well and independent living. Little is known about the effectiveness of cognitive remediation on instrumental activities of daily living perform...

    Authors: Nikki Tulliani, Michelle Bissett, Paul Fahey, Rosalind Bye and Karen P. Y. Liu
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:156
  2. During the COVID-19 pandemic, some studies describing different aspects of the infection included very similar participants, rising suspicion about double reporting. We aimed to evaluate the Gantt chart as a t...

    Authors: Vânia N. Hirakata, Maria Lúcia R. Oppermann, Vanessa K. Genro and Angela J. Reichelt
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:155
  3. Rapid reviews have emerged as an approach to provide contextualized evidence in a timely and efficient manner. Three rapid review centers were established in Ethiopia, Lebanon, and South Africa through the All...

    Authors: Rhona M. Mijumbi-Deve, Ismael Kawooya, Edward Kayongo, Rose Izizinga, Hadis Mamuye, Krystle Amog and Etienne V. Langlois
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:154
  4. Due to the explosion in rapid reviews in the literature during COVID-19, their utility in universal health coverage and in other routine situations, there is now a need to document and further advance the appl...

    Authors: Andrea C. Tricco, Sharon E. Straus, Abdul Ghaffar and Etienne V. Langlois
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:153
  5. Transparent reporting of rapid reviews enables appropriate use of research findings and dissemination strategies can strengthen uptake and impact for the targeted knowledge users, including policy-makers and h...

    Authors: Shannon E. Kelly, Jessie McGowan, Kim Barnhardt and Sharon E. Straus
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:152
  6. Health policy-makers must often make decisions in compressed time frames and with limited resources. Hence, rapid reviews have become a pragmatic alternative to comprehensive systematic reviews. However, it is...

    Authors: Valerie J. King, Adrienne Stevens, Barbara Nussbaumer-Streit, Chris Kamel and Chantelle Garritty
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:151
  7. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental condition associated with severe social communication, interaction, and sensory processing impairments. Efforts to understand its etiology and pathophysio...

    Authors: Alana Castro Panzenhagen, Amanda Cavalcanti, Dirson João Stein, Ligia Lins de Castro, Mailton Vasconcelos, Mariana Boechat Abreu, Roberto Farina Almeida, Leandro José Bertoglio and Ana Paula Herrmann
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:150
  8. Multivariate meta-analysis allows the joint synthesis of multiple outcomes accounting for their correlation. This enables borrowing of strength (BoS) across outcomes, which may lead to greater efficiency and even...

    Authors: Miriam Hattle, Danielle L. Burke, Thomas Trikalinos, Christopher H. Schmid, Yong Chen, Dan Jackson and Richard D. Riley
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:149
  9. Aromatherapy — the therapeutic use of essential oils from plants (flowers, herbs or trees) to treat ill health and promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being — is one of the most widely used natural ...

    Authors: Sue E. Brennan, Steve McDonald, Melissa Murano and Joanne E. McKenzie
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:148
  10. The Measurement Tool to Assess systematic Reviews (AMSTAR) 2 is a critical appraisal tool for systematic reviews (SRs) and meta-analyses (MAs) of interventions. We aimed to perform the first AMSTAR 2-based qua...

    Authors: Lin Li, Iriagbonse Asemota, Bolun Liu, Javier Gomez-Valencia, Lifeng Lin, Abdul Wahab Arif, Tariq Jamal Siddiqi and Muhammad Shariq Usman
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:147
  11. Indigenous Peoples are impacted by industrial resource development that takes place on, or near, their communities. Existing literature on impacts of industrial resource development on Indigenous Peoples prima...

    Authors: Nicole Burns, Janice Linton, Nathaniel J. Pollock, Laura Jane Brubacher, Nadia Green, Arn Keeling, Alex Latta, Jessica Martin, Jenny Rand and Melody E. Morton Ninomiya
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:146
  12. Many published reviews do not meet the widely accepted PRISMA standards for systematic reviews and meta-analysis. Campbell Collaboration and Cochrane reviews are expected to meet even more rigorous standards, ...

    Authors: Julia H. Littell and Dennis M. Gorman
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:145
  13. Subjective cognitive decline (SCD) is present in the early stage of preclinical Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and is associated with an increased risk of further cognitive decline and AD dementia later in life. Ear...

    Authors: Aliaa Ibnidris, Janelle N. Robinson, Marissa Stubbs, Giovanni Piumatti, Ishtar Govia and Emiliano Albanese
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:144
  14. Shift work, i.e., non-standard work hours, has been associated with both short- and long-term sickness absence. However, findings are inconsistent and inconclusive. Thus far, no comprehensive meta-analytic syn...

    Authors: Erlend Sunde, Anette Harris, Morten Birkeland Nielsen, Bjørn Bjorvatn, Stein Atle Lie, Øystein Holmelid, Øystein Vedaa, Siri Waage and Ståle Pallesen
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:143
  15. In recent years, innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) have led to the development of new healthcare AI (HCAI) technologies. Whilst some of these technologies show promise for improving the patient exper...

    Authors: Emma Kellie Frost, Rebecca Bosward, Yves Saint James Aquino, Annette Braunack-Mayer and Stacy M. Carter
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:142
  16. Oxygen is routinely given to patients during and after surgery. Perioperative oxygen administration has been proposed as a potential strategy to prevent and treat hypoxaemia and reduce complications, such as s...

    Authors: Adel Elfeky, Yen-Fu Chen, Amy Grove, Amy Hooper, Anna Wilson, Keith Couper, Marion Thompson, Olalekan Uthman, Rachel Court, Sara Tomassini and Joyce Yeung
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:140
  17. Fascioliasis is an emerging public health threat in a number of regions worldwide, including Southeast Asia. Up to now, a summary of current knowledge on the occurrence and the distribution in Southeast Asia i...

    Authors: Vinh Hoang Quang, Bruno Levecke, Dung Do Trung, Brecht Devleesschauwer, Binh Vu Thi Lam, Katja Polman, Steven Callens, Pierre Dorny and Veronique Dermauw
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:138
  18. Global plastic production has increased exponentially since the 1960s, with more than 6300 million metric tons of plastic waste generated to date. Studies have found a range of human health outcomes associated...

    Authors: Louise M. Goodes, Enoch V. S. Wong, Jennifer Alex, Louise Mofflin, Priyanka Toshniwal, Manuel Brunner, Terena Solomons, Emily White, Omrik Choudhury, Bhedita J. Seewoo, Yannick R. Mulders, Tristan Dale, Hamish J. Newman, Alina Naveed, Andrew B. Lowe, Delia V. Hendrie…
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:137
  19. Surgery is the main treatment option for patients with local gastric cancer. However, surgery alone is usually not sufficient for stomach cancer patients, and combined therapies are recommended for these patie...

    Authors: Jianwen Hu, Yanpeng Yang, Yongchen Ma, Yingze Ning, Guowei Chen and Yucun Liu
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:136
  20. To determine the relative effectiveness of medications for preventing hypertensive disorders in high-risk pregnant women and to provide a ranking of medications using network meta-analysis.

    Authors: Tippawan Liabsuetrakul, Yoshiko Yamamoto, Chanon Kongkamol, Erika Ota, Rintaro Mori and Hisashi Noma
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:135
  21. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory and degenerative disease of the central nervous system with an increasing worldwide prevalence. Since 1993, more than 15 disease-modifying immunotherapies (DMTs) have...

    Authors: Thomas Lehnert, Christian Röver, Sascha Köpke, Jordi Rio, Declan Chard, Andrea V. Fittipaldo, Tim Friede, Christoph Heesen and Anne C. Rahn
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:134
  22. Out-of-pocket expenses have been reported as a major barrier to accessing antenatal care and skilled birth delivery in most of sub-Saharan Africa. Performance-based financing (PBF) is one of several strategies...

    Authors: Miriam Nkangu, Julian Little, Olumuyiwa Omonaiye and Sanni Yaya
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:133
  23. The evidence-based medicine (EBM) movement is stepping up its efforts to assess medical artificial intelligence (AI) and data science studies. Since 2017, there has been a marked increase in the number of publ...

    Authors: Thilo von Groote, Narges Ghoreishi, Maria Björklund, Christian Porschen and Livia Puljak
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:132
  24. Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is transmitted by direct contact with body fluids from infected individuals. Transmission of CMV in households, particularly those with young children, contributes significantly to CMV in...

    Authors: Safari Joseph Balegamire, Elisabeth McClymont, Agathe Croteau, Philippe Dodin, Soren Gantt, Amir Abbas Besharati, Christian Renaud, Benoît Mâsse and Isabelle Boucoiran
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:131
  25. Authors: João L. Bastos, Helena M. Constante, Helena S. Schuch, Dandara G. Haag, Sonia Nath, Roger K. Celeste, Carol C. Guarnizo-Herreño, Mary J. McCallum and Lisa M. Jamieson
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:130

    The original article was published in Systematic Reviews 2022 11:41

  26. To explore how clinical yarning has been utilised as a health intervention for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples and if there are any reported impacts yarning might have on health outcomes.

    Authors: Alexander W. Burke, Susan Welch, Tamara Power, Cherie Lucas and Rebekah J. Moles
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:129
  27. Health behaviour can change outcomes in both healthy and unhealthy populations and are particularly useful in promoting compliance to treatment and maintaining fidelity to care seeking and follow-up options in...

    Authors: Biswajit Paul, Richard Kirubakaran, Rita Isaac, Marshall Dozier, Liz Grant and David Weller
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:127
  28. Based on previous studies, it has been hypothesized that tube sterilization may be associated with a lower risk of breast cancer. This study aims to investigate the relationship between tubal ligation and the ...

    Authors: Nazila Najdi, Arezoo Esmailzadeh, Maryam Shokrpour, Somayeh Nikfar, Seyedeh Zahra Razavi, Mahdi Sepidarkish, Saman Maroufizadeh, Saeid Safiri and Amir Almasi-Hashiani
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:126
  29. Sepsis is a common, life-threatening syndrome of physiologic, pathologic, and biochemical abnormalities that are caused by infection and propagated by a dysregulated immune response. In 2017, the estimated ann...

    Authors: M. Elizabeth Wilcox, Marietou Daou, Joanna C. Dionne, Peter Dodek, Marina Englesakis, Allan Garland, Claire Lauzon, Osama Loubani, Bram Rochwerg, Manu Shankar-Hari, Kednapa Thavorn and Andrea C. Tricco
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:125
  30. Before the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, primary care in most countries relied on face-to-face consultations, with relatively limited use of telemedicine. Lockdowns and social distancing ...

    Authors: Daniela Valdes, Lama Alqazlan, Rob Procter and Jeremy Dale
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:124
  31. Medical innovations offer tremendous hope. Yet, similar innovations in governance (law, policy, ethics) are likely necessary if society is to realize medical innovations’ fruits and avoid their pitfalls. As in...

    Authors: Michael Da Silva, Tanya Horsley, Devin Singh, Emily Da Silva, Valentina Ly, Bryan Thomas, Ryan C. Daniel, Karni A. Chagal-Feferkorn, Samantha Iantomasi, Kelli White, Arianne Kent and Colleen M. Flood
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:123
  32. The excess incidence and mortality due to prostate cancer that impacts African American men constitutes the largest of all cancer disparities. Patient navigation is a patient-centered healthcare system interve...

    Authors: Nynikka R. Palmer, Ashley Nicole Smith, Brittany A. Campbell, Ghilamichael Andemeskel, Peggy Tahir, Tisha M. Felder and Barbara Cicerelli
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:122
  33. Systematic reviews of outcome measurement instruments are important tools in the evidence-based selection of these instruments. COSMIN (COnsensus-based Standards for the selection of health Measurement INstrum...

    Authors: Ellen B. M. Elsman, Nancy J. Butcher, Lidwine B. Mokkink, Caroline B. Terwee, Andrea Tricco, Joel J. Gagnier, Olalekan Lee Aiyegbusi, Carolina Barnett, Maureen Smith, David Moher and Martin Offringa
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:121
  34. The rising burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is a global health concern. To reduce the burden of morbidity, mortality and disability due to NCDs, the World Health Organization (WHO) developed ‘best bu...

    Authors: Adjei Kadiri, Monica Ansu-Mensah, Vitalis Bawontuo and Desmond Kuupiel
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:120
  35. Low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) bear a disproportionately high burden of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) with severe socioeconomic consequences. Targeted interventions that are faith-based or take pla...

    Authors: Oluwakemi Ololade Odukoya, Gursimer Jeet, Busola Adebusoye, Oluwaseun Idowu, Folasade Tolulope Ogunsola and Kolawole S. Okuyemi
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:119
  36. Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) is a structural lateral spinal curvature of ≥ 10° with rotation. Approximately 2–3% of children in most populations are affected with AIS, and this condition is responsibl...

    Authors: Elizabeth A. Terhune, Patricia C. Heyn, Christi R. Piper and Nancy Hadley-Miller
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:118
  37. Improving the delivery, uptake, and implementation of cancer screening to meet evidence-based recommendations is needed to reduce persistent cancer health disparities in the USA. Current national public health...

    Authors: Ariella R. Korn, Callie Walsh-Bailey, Meagan Pilar, Brittney Sandler, Prema Bhattacharjee, W. Todd Moore, Ross C. Brownson, Karen M. Emmons and April Y. Oh
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:117
  38. Spontaneous intracranial hypotension (SIH) is a debilitating disorder caused by non-iatrogenic spinal cerebrospinal fluid leaks. SIH is increasingly recognized as an important treatable cause of secondary head...

    Authors: Timothy J. Amrhein, Peter G. Kranz, Sarah Cantrell, Constance R. Deline, Carrie M. Carr, Dong Kun Kim, Karen M. Goldstein and John W. Williams
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:116
  39. Asthma is the most common medical condition to affect pregnancy. Asthma exacerbations occur in up to 45% of pregnant women and have been associated with adverse perinatal and infant outcomes. Conflicting liter...

    Authors: Marleen P. Bokern, Annelies L. Robijn, Megan E. Jensen, Daniel Barker, Katherine J. Baines and Vanessa E. Murphy
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:115
  40. Adequately conducted systematic reviews with meta-analyses are considered the highest level of evidence and thus directly defines many clinical guidelines. However, the risks of type I and II errors in meta-an...

    Authors: Christian Gunge Riberholt, Markus Harboe Olsen, Joachim Birch Milan and Christian Gluud
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:114
  41. Rigorous evidence is vital in all disciplines to ensure efficient, appropriate, and fit-for-purpose decision-making with minimised risk of unintended harm. To date, however, disciplines have been slow to share...

    Authors: Neal R. Haddaway, Alexandra Bannach-Brown, Matthew J. Grainger, W. Kyle Hamilton, Emily A. Hennessy, Ciara Keenan, Chris C. Pritchard and Jana Stojanova
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:113
  42. Authors: Areti Angeliki Veroniki, Sofia Tsokani, Stella Zevgiti, Irene Pagkalidou, Katerina-Maria Kontouli, Pinar Ambarcioglu, Nikos Pandis, Carole Lunny, Adriani Nikolakopoulou, Theodoros Papakonstantinou, Anna Chaimani, Sharon E. Straus, Brian Hutton, Andrea C. Tricco, Dimitris Mavridis and Georgia Salanti
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:112

    The original article was published in Systematic Reviews 2021 10:246

  43. This systematic review and meta-analysis assessed the effectiveness of smoking cessation interventions among women smokers in low socio-economic status (SES) groups or women living in disadvantaged areas who a...

    Authors: Nicola O’Connell, Emma Burke, Fiona Dobbie, Nadine Dougall, David Mockler, Catherine Darker, Joanne Vance, Steven Bernstein, Hazel Gilbert, Linda Bauld and Catherine B. Hayes
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:111
  44. Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) can measure interstitial fluid glucose levels to provide comprehensive real-time glucose profile among people with type 2 diabetes. These can accurately detect glucose levels...

    Authors: Mingyue Zheng, Adeel Khoja, Anamica Patel, Yunting Luo, Qian He, Xuan Zhao, Shenqiao Yang, Peng Hu and Wei Lin
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:110
  45. The duration and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic depends in a large part on individual and societal actions which is influenced by the quality and salience of the information to which they are exposed. Unfortu...

    Authors: Navin Kumar, Nathan Walter, Kate Nyhan, Kaveh Khoshnood, Joseph D. Tucker, Chris T. Bauch, Qinglan Ding, S. Mo Jones-Jang, Munmun De Choudhury, Jason L. Schwartz, Orestis Papakyriakopoulos and Laura Forastiere
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:107
  46. An inevitable exposure to the toxic heavy metal such as lead in our environmental can have irreversible effects on children’s mental performance.

    Authors: Serve Heidari, Shayan Mostafaei, Nazanin Razazian, Mojgan Rajati, Anahita Saeedi and Fatemeh Rajati
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:106

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