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Table 2 Characteristics of ongoing studies

From: Peer support for carers and patients with inflammatory bowel disease: a systematic review

Study ID Population Age
(inclusion criteria)
sample size
Intervention Comparator Outcome Study design
Blockman 2018 (CA) [56] Teens living with chronic illness 12–20a 26 Peer support for teens and their parents NA Physical health, depression Before-and-after study
Luu 2011 [57] Individuals with IBD and their family members NR NR Power of two: peer support programme providing psychosocial support services by telephone or email through peer laypersons with experiential knowledge of comparable medical and personal concerns NA Anxiety, health practices Before-and-after study
NCT03938324 2019 [58] Adolescents and young adults with chronic disease 16–22 225 Peer i-coaching: telephone/text-based secure interface to allow adolescents and young adults to access knowledge, experience, and instrumental/emotional support from a trained peer coach (18–26 years), who has already developed independence and is an active self-manager Monthly newsletter with educational content and monthly phone call from study staff to answer questions regarding content HRQoL, emotional health RCT
NCT03827109 2019 [59] Youth with IBD 10–17 300 Mentee-mentor relationships with group educational activities, online educational information, and a parent support component
Weekly contact (e.g. text, phone), with in-person contact 1–2 times per month, one of which can be attending a group activity together
Educational group events on the same topics (with no social time), educational information posted online, and monthly encouragement to engage in activities in the community HRQoL, disease severity, number of hospital admissions, clinic appointments, missed appointments, mentor and parent QoL RCT
NCT03630146 2018 [60] Teens with IBD 12–18 262 iPeer2Peer programme:
peer mentorship programme where mentors will encourage youth to develop and engage in disease self-management skills and provide social support, through Skype video sessions
Standard care but without the iPeer2Peer Program HRQoL, anxiety, disease activity, health Services RCT
  1. Abbreviations: CA conference abstract, HRQoL health-related quality of life, IBD inflammatory bowel disease, NA not applicable, NR not reported, RCT randomised controlled trial
  2. a Information retrieved from register (NCT03170167). The study described in the register is conducted on people with various chronic diseases including inflammatory bowel disease