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Table 1 Selection criteria for studies to be included in systematic review assessing the incidence of TB and MDR-TB and the therapeutic outcomes among paediatrics

From: The incidence of TB and MDR-TB in pediatrics and therapeutic options: a systematic review


Inclusion criteria

Exclusion criteria


-Studies involving paediatrics ≤15 years.

-Studies including both male and female patients.

Studies involving

-Participants ≥15 years

-Pregnant participants

-Participants with multi-morbidities

Intervention / Investigated condition

The review will be assessing the incidence of TB and MDR-TB among the paediatric population and the therapeutic options available.

-Studies describing combined treatment of more than 2 diseases (TB or MDR-TB /HIV)

Comparison /Context

-Studies conducted in paediatric patients globally

-Studies conducted in paediatric patients of all cultural backgrounds



-Studies assessing the incidence of TB and MDR-TB among the paediatric population.

-Studies assessing the therapeutic options available to treat TB and MDR-TB in terms of the dosage forms available.

Studies describing outcomes that are unrelated to the incidence and treatment of TB and MDR-TB

Type of studies

Cohort studies that use quantitative research methods and Observation studies

-Mini-reviews, conference abstracts, letters to editors, editorials, commentaries.

-Studies without an abstract

-Studies whose full data will not be available even upon requesting from the author

-Duplicates studies: for studies published with the same or different titles or in more than one journal, the most updated version shall be considered.