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Table 2 Overview of proposed evaluation instruments administered to stakeholders at different phases of the project

From: Study protocol for developing, piloting and disseminating the PRISMA-COSMIN guideline: a new reporting guideline for systematic reviews of outcome measurement instruments

  Public and Patient Engagement Evaluation Tool [59, 60] Patient Engagement In Research Scale [61] Modified Acceptability E-scale [62] PANELVIEW instrument [63]
Patient-partner questionnaire Project coordinator questionnaire
One-time engagements Planning engagement Assessing engagement Assessing impact of engagement
Prior to onboarding sessions   Steering committee      
After onboarding sessions Patient/public partners   Steering committee    Patient/public partners  
After Delphi study      Patient/public partners Panelists Panelists
After virtual workshops       Steering committee and technical advisory group  
After consensus meeting    Steering committee   Patient/public partners   Consensus meeting experts
Three months after consensus meeting     Steering committee