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Table 2 Example data elements for data extraction

From: Navigation programs relevant for African American men with prostate cancer: a scoping review protocol

Category Data elements
A. Reference • Author(s) name(s)
• Year of publication
• Title of article
B. Study information • Aims/objectives
• Study design/type of study
• Conceptual framework/theory used
• Geographic location and setting
• Study period (time frame)
C. Target population • Participant characteristics
• Sample size (intervention and control)
• Cancer continuum phase (screening – survivorship)
D. Intervention/navigation program • Name, objective, and description
• Type and title of navigator
• Format, location, and delivery methods
• Duration and dose
• Barriers addressed
• Actions taken (e.g., referrals, accompaniment, etc.)
E. Data collection methods/measurements • Outcomes (e.g., quality of life, satisfaction, etc.)
• Follow-up period
• Results and impact
F. Navigator training and management • Recruitment and eligibility/qualifications of navigators
• Location, format, and learning strategy
• Content, materials
• Duration and dose
• Key learning points
G. Cultural context • PEN-3 cultural model application/findings
• Cultural humility factors
• Themes identified