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Table 1 Search terms used in Psycinfo search reflecting keywords, mesh terms and suffixes

From: An updated systematic review of interventions to increase awareness of mental health and well-being in athletes, coaches, officials and parents

Category Key terms
Sport Sport$
Participants Leader$ or athlete$ or teacher$ or instructor$ or player$ or member$ or participant$ or coach$ or official$ or parent$
Setting Sport adj3 (organi#ation$ or club$ or governing bod$ or cent$ or school$ or setting$ or internet or online or website$ or web site$ or web based)
Method of treatment mental$ adj3 (health or wellbeing or well being or well-being or wellness or ill$) or anxiety or depress$
Limiters English language and peer reviewed
  1. $ Search singular or plural, adj3 Adjacent, # Replaces 1 character