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Table 2 Data extraction instrument

From: Prevalence of periodontal disease among Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations: protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis

Variable Definition
Study Characteristics
 SID Unique identification number of study
 Author Last name of first author
 Year Year of publication
 Country Country of study conducted
 Study design Design of the study
 Setting Describes the location of the study as defined by the study authors. For studies that use secondary data, the dataset is described.
 Samplemethod Describe the sampling method
 Samplesize Did the researchers calculate the sample size (yes = 1, no = 2, not clear = 99)
Participant characteristics
 Cases Describe the Indigenous population
 Control Describe the controls population
 Cases_n Total number of cases
 Control_n Total number of control
 age_mean, age_sd Age of included participants [mean (SD), median (IQR), or categorical age, as reported]
 collection_method Describe the method to collect data.
 perio_para Describe all the periodontal parameters assessed
 perio_def Describe the periodontitis case definition
Outcome measure
 prev_period, mean(%), SD Prevalence of periodontitis mean % and SD
 prevsites_period, mean(%), SD Prevalence of mean number of sites involved with periodontitis (mean% and SD)
 prev_calculus, mean(%), SD Prevalence of calculus (mean% and SD)
 prev_bleeding, mean(%), SD Prevalence of bleeding (mean% and SD)
 prev_plaque, mean(%), SD Prevalence of plaque score of more than 2 (mean% and SD)
Overall Overall results of the study.