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Table 1 Preliminary search query for use in the MEDLINE via PubMed

From: Where are race-based oral health inequities bound? Protocol for a systematic review on interventions to tackle racial injustice in dental outcomes

  Population Intervention Comparison group Outcome Studies to be excluded by design
Search terms (“continental population groups”[mesh] OR “population groups”[mesh] OR “ethnic groups”[mesh] OR “arctic regions”[mesh] OR “minority groups”[mesh] OR “indigenous peoples”[mesh] OR “skin pigmentation”[mesh] OR “skin color”[tiab] OR “skin colo*”[tiab] OR “people of color”[tiab] OR “race*”[tiab] OR “racial group”[tiab] OR “ethnicit*”[tiab] OR “ethnic*”[tiab] OR “ethnic group*”[tiab] OR “ethnic minorit*”[tiab] OR “immigrant*”[tiab] OR “caste*”[tiab] OR “tribe*”[tiab] OR “tribal”[tiab] OR “origin”[tiab] OR “nationalit*”[tiab] OR “religious group*”[tiab] OR “black*”[tiab] OR “aborigin*”[tiab] OR “indigen*”[tiab] OR “first nation*”[tiab] OR “pacific islander*”[tiab] OR “torres strait islander*”[tiab] OR “alaska*”[tiab] OR “aleut*”[tiab] OR “amerind*”[tiab] OR “arctic”[tiab] OR “aymara”[tiab] OR “bushmen”[tiab] OR “chukchi”[tiab] OR “chukotka”[tiab] OR “circumpolar”[tiab] OR “eskimo*”[tiab] OR “greenland*”[tiab] OR “hmong”[tiab] OR “indian*”[tiab] OR “inuit*”[tiab] OR “inupiaq”[tiab] OR “inupiat”[tiab] OR “khanty”[tiab] OR “maori*”[tiab] OR “mapuche”[tiab] OR “metis”[tiab] OR “native*”[tiab] OR “navajo”[tiab] OR “nenets”[tiab] OR “quechua”[tiab] OR “sami”[tiab] OR “samoan”[tiab] OR “siberia*”[tiab] OR “skold”[tiab] OR “xingu*”[tiab] OR “yup’ik”[tiab] OR “zuni”[tiab]) (“anti-racism”[tiab] OR “race relations”[mesh] OR “race factors”[mesh] OR “racism”[mesh] OR “social discrimination”[mesh] OR “prejudice”[mesh] OR “racial bias”[tiab] OR “racial mistreatment”[tiab] OR “racial injustice”[tiab] OR “health equity”[mesh] OR “racial equity”[tiab] OR “racial inequit*”[tiab] OR “racial inequalit*”[tiab] OR “differential*”[tiab] OR “preventive dentistry”[mesh] OR “dental prophylaxis”[mesh] OR “pit and fissure sealants"[mesh] OR “cariostatic agents”[mesh] OR “fluoride*”[tiab] OR “fluoridation”[mesh] OR “dentifrices”[mesh] OR “toothpastes”[mesh] OR “health education”[mesh] OR “counseling”[mesh] OR “health behavior”[mesh] OR “health promotion”[tiab] OR “government programs”[mesh] OR “public policy”[mesh] OR “public assistance”[mesh] OR “health policy”[tiab] OR “intervention*”[tiab] OR “welfare”[tiab] OR “preventive health services”[mesh] OR “dental health services”[mesh] OR “delivery of health care”[mesh] OR “dental care”[mesh] OR “dental check up*”[tiab] OR “dental checkups”[tiab] OR “dental visit*”[tiab] OR “dental insurance”[tiab] OR “indigenous health service”[tiab] OR “motivational interview*”[tiab] OR “oral health literacy”[tiab] OR “impact”[tiab] OR “oral impacts”[tiab] OR “chewing difficulties”[tiab]) Does not apply (“oral diseases”[tiab] OR “stomatognathic diseases”[mesh] OR “tooth disease”[tiab] OR “mouth disease”[tiab] OR “oral health”[mesh] OR “oral health”[tiab] OR “dental health”[tiab] OR “xerostomia”[mesh] OR “mastication”[mesh] OR “mouth neoplasms”[mesh] OR “leukoplakia, oral”[mesh] OR “oral cancer"[tiab] OR “oral pathology”[tiab] OR “oral dysplasia”[tiab] OR “exostosis”[tiab] OR “fluorosis, dental”[mesh] OR “dental fluorosis”[tiab] OR “enamel defect”[tiab] OR “dental enamel hypoplasia”[mesh] OR “periodontal diseases”[mesh] OR “periodontal attachment loss”[mesh] OR “periodontal pocket”[mesh] OR “gingivitis”[tiab] OR “oral hygiene”[mesh] OR “oral hygiene index”[mesh] OR “dental plaque index”[mesh] OR “tooth injuries”[mesh] OR “dental trauma”[tiab] OR “toothache”[mesh] OR “oral pain”[tiab] OR “facial pain”[mesh] OR “dmf index"[mesh] OR “dental caries”[mesh] OR “dental caries”[tiab] OR “tooth loss”[mesh] OR “tooth loss”[tiab] OR “dental loss”[tiab] OR “mouth, edentulous”[mesh] OR “edentulism”[tiab] OR “oidp”[tiab] OR “ohip*”[tiab] OR “gohai”[tiab] OR “ecohis”[tiab] OR “ohrql”[tiab] OR “temporomandibular joint disorders”[mesh] OR “esthetics, dental”[mesh] OR “malocclusion”[mesh] OR “index of orthodontic treatment need”[mesh] OR “iotn”[tiab]) (“models, animal”[mesh] OR “observational study, veterinary”[pt] OR “case reports”[pt] OR “clinical conference”[pt] OR “consensus development conference”[pt] OR “scientific integrity review”[pt])