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Table 1 Boundaries and definitions for the conceptualising, operationalising, and measurement of trust in our scoping review

From: Conceptualising, operationalising, and measuring trust in participatory health research networks: a scoping review

Dimension of our research question The definition we attached to this dimension of our research question The boundary for data extraction to inform understanding of the research question dimension
Conceptualisation Assigning meaning to something Definition of trust
Operationalisation Selecting observable phenomena to represent abstract concepts
How will we go about empirically testing the concept?
Dimensions and indicators of trust
What are the operationalisation issues with the concept?
• Based on our indicators, what questions were asked to represent trust, what observations were made, what specific attributes will exist for the measure used?
Measurement Process of observing and recording the observations, or assigning numbers to a phenomenon Level of measurement such as nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio and type of measures such as survey, scaling, qualitative, unobtrusive used for trust