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Table 2 A list of data items that will be extracted from studies included in this review

From: The impact of wait time on patient outcomes in knee and hip replacement surgery: a scoping review protocol

Study characteristics Author name, year
Study design
Data collection years
Participants characteristics Sample source
Eligibility criteria
Number recruited
Sample size
Reason lost to follow-up
Mean and standard deviation (SD) or median and interquartile range (IQR)
Percent with osteoarthritis
Osteoarthritis severity
Baseline functional assessments/ADLs/other
Socioeconomic status
Wait time reported Start of wait time measurement
End of wait time measurement
Mean and SD or median and IQR wait time
Range of wait time
Categories of wait time (i.e., < 6 months, > 6 months)
Outcomes measured Outcomes intended to be measured
Assessment method
Modifications to the assessment method
Domain measured (i.e., pain, function, quality of life)
Possible score range
Outcome scores Mean and SD or median and IQR baseline score
Mean and SD or median and IQR follow-up score at all time points measured
Change in mean/median score from baseline to final follow-up
Floor effects identified
Ceiling effects identified
Proportion of subjects with negative change (worsening of outcome)
Proportion of subjects with positive change (improvement of outcome)
Proportion of subjects with no clinically important change
Factors associated with outcome change Length of wait time
Patient characteristics
Health system factors