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Table 2 Piloted database search results

From: Psychosocial rehabilitation of individuals with schizophrenia: a scoping review protocol

Date of search Keywords Database Publication retrieved Link Search terms
03 November 2021 Schizophrenia AND Rehabilitation AND Sub-Sahara PubMed 618 (schizophrenia OR “chronic mental illness” OR “chronic psychiatric illness” OR “chronic insanity” OR “chronic mental disorder” OR “Schizophrenic disorders” OR “dementia praecox” OR “Schizophrenic psychosis” OR “schizophreniform disorder” OR “ schizoaffective disorder”) AND (rehabilitation OR productivity OR re-integration OR reformation OR rehabilitation OR “recovery functioning” OR “halfway housing” OR re-establishment OR “occupational skills” OR “vocational skills” OR “independent living skills” OR reclamation OR improvement) AND (“Sub-Sahara Africa” OR “Black Africa” OR “southern Africa” OR “Sahara Africa” OR Africa OR “south of the Sahara” OR “developing countries” OR “low economies countries” OR “third world countries” OR “low income countries” OR Angola* OR Benin* OR Botswana* OR “Burkina Faso*” OR Burundi* OR “Cabo Verde*” OR Cameroon* OR “Central African Republic*” OR Chad* OR Comoros* OR Congo * OR “Democratic Republic of Congo*” OR “Republic of Cote d’Ivoire*” OR “Equatorial Guinea*” OR Eritrea* OR Swaziland* OR Ethiopia * OR Gabon * OR Gambia * OR Ghana* OR Guinea* OR “Guinea-Bissau *” OR Kenya * OR Lesotho* OR Liberia* OR Madagascar* OR Malawi * OR Mali* OR Mauritania* OR Mauritius* OR Mozambique* OR Namibia * OR Niger* OR Nigeria* OR Rwanda* OR “Sao Tome and Principe*” OR Senegal*OR Seychelles* OR “Sierra Leone*” OR Somalia* OR “South Africa*” OR “South Sudan*” OR Sudan* OR Tanzania* OR Togo* OR Uganda* OR Zambia* OR Zimbabwe*)
  1. The table above shows the summary of studies generated by a database search. Limit setting: year (2000–2021)