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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for cancer-specific physical activity program and post-secondary course search

From: Adapting systematic scoping study methods to identify cancer-specific physical activity opportunities in Ontario, Canada

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Physical activity program search
 Appropriate for adults (≥ 18 years) Specifically targets children (≤ 17 years)
 Intended for adults diagnosed with cancer
 Appropriate for adults in an older adult population
Specifically targets persons in the general population or other chronic conditions that are not cancer
 Offered in the community Delivered in laboratory, assisted living, or similar settings
 Delivered in Ontario Delivered outside of Ontario
 Physical activity programs were described as a group or individual sessions
 Programs included structured exercise, sport, lighter intensity exercise (e.g., yoga, Tai Chi)
Described as physical activity guidelines or recommendations, only
Described informational and/or training resources
 Offered a regularly scheduled session (e.g., weekly, daily, bi-weekly) Sessions were no longer running on a regular schedule
Post-secondary course search
 Currently offered at a college or university in Ontario Specifically targets elementary and/or high school curriculum and/or located in another province
 Course content included at least one lecture on cancer and exercise/physical activity as verified by syllabus and/or course instructor Did not contain any course content on cancer and exercise