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Table 1 Study characteristics of all included studies

From: Communication strategies in the prevention of type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes in vulnerable groups: a scoping review

Study Study design Participants [n] Gender [m/f]n(%) Age[years] mean(%)//n(%)//range Vulnerable group category
Bender MS, Cooper BA, Flowers E, Ma R, Arai S. Filipinos Fit and Trim - a feasible and efficacious DPP-based intervention trial. Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications. 2018;12:76-84 Intervention 67 32(48)/35(52) 41.7 Migrants
Blanks SH, Treadwell H, Bazzell A, Graves W, Osaji O, Dean J, McLawhorn JT, Stroud JL: Community engaged lifestyle modification research: engaging diabetic and prediabetic african american women in community-based interventions. J Obes 2016, 2016:3609289 Intervention 79 0(0)/79(100) 29 Ethnic group
Bolin JN, Ory MG, Wilson AD, Salge L. Diabetes education kiosks in a latino community. The Diabetes educator. 2013;39(2):204-12. Mixed Methods Use: 5372
Exit-Survey: 179
55(30.8)/115(63.7) <18 18 (9.9)
19–35 28 (15.4)
36–49 71 (39.0)
50–64 44 (24.2)
65+ 10 (5.5)
n.r. 11 (6.5)
Ethnic group
Borelli MR, Riden HE, Bang H, Schenker MB. Protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial to study the effectiveness of an obesity and diabetes intervention (PASOS) in an immigrant farmworker population. BMC Public Health. 2018;18(1):849. Protocol n.a. n.a. n.a. Migrants
Castro-Rivas E, Boutin-Foster C, Milan M, Kanna B. “Es como uno bomba de tiempo [It's like a time bomb]”: a qualitative analysis of perceptions of diabetes among first-degree relatives of latino patients with diabetes. Diabetes Spectrum. 2014;27(1):50-7. Focus groups 23 15(65)/8(35) 46.4 Migrants
Chang MW, Nitzke S, Brown R, Resnicow K. A community based prevention of weight gain intervention (Mothers In Motion) among young low-income overweight and obese mothers: design and rationale. BMC public health. 2014;14:280. RCT IG/CG
0(0)/612(100) 28.1 LSES
Fischer HHF, I.P.; Pereira, R.I.; Furniss, A.L.; Rozwadowski, J.M.; Moore, S.L.; Durfee, M.J.; Raghunath, S.G.;Tsai, A.G;, and Edward P. Havranek1: Text message support for weight loss in patients with prediabetes: a randomized clinical trial. diabetes care 2016, 39:1364–1370. RCT IG/CG
IG: 13(25.5)/38(74.5)
CG: 6(17.6)/28(82.4)
IG: 47.9
CG: 41.6
Fontil V, McDermott K, Tieu L, Rios C, Gibson E, Sweet CC, et al. Adaptation and feasibility study of a digital health program to prevent diabetes among low-income patients: results from a partnership between a Digital Health Company and an Academic Research Team. Journal of diabetes research. 2016;2016:8472391. Feasibility Study 18 8(47.0)/10(53.0) 53.0 LSES
Ford AF, Reddick K, Browne MC, Robins A, Thomas SB, Crouse Quinn S. Beyond the cathedral: building trust to engage the African American community in health promotion and disease prevention. Health promotion practice. 2009;10(4):485-9. Review n.a. n.a. n.a. Ethnic group
Fukuoka Y, Vittinghoff E, Hooper J. A weight loss intervention using a commercial mobile application in Latino Americans-Adelgaza Trial. Translational Behavioral Medicine. 2018;8(5):714-23. Intervention 54 17(31.0)/37(69.0) 45.3 Migrants
Gary-Webb TL, Walker EA, Realmuto L, Kamler A, Lukin J, Tyson W, et al. Translation of the National Diabetes Prevention Program to Engage Men in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods in New York City: a description of power up for health. American journal of men's health. 2018:1557988318758788. Focus groups 29 29(100)/0(0) n.r. LSES
Gutierrez J, Devia C, Weiss L, Chantarat T, Ruddock C, Linnell J, et al. Health, community, and spirituality: evaluation of a multicultural faith-based diabetes prevention program. The Diabetes educator. 2014;40(2):214-22. Intervention 183 21(11.7)/159(88.3) 18–44: 25(15.6)
45–64: 83(51.9)
65–74: 40(25.9)
75+: 12(7.5)
Ethnic group
Hall D, Lattie E, McCalla J, Saab P. Translation of the diabetes prevention program to ethnic communities in the United States. Journal of Immigrant & Minority Health. 2016;18(2):479-89. Review n.a. n.a. n.a. Ethnic group
Handley MA, Harleman E, Gonzalez-Mendez E, Stotland NE, Althavale P, Fisher L, et al. Applying the COM-B model to creation of an IT-enabled health coaching and resource linkage program for low-income Latina moms with recent gestational diabetes: the STAR MAMA program. Implementation science : IS. 2016;11(1):73. Focus groups 22 0(0)/22(100) 31.5 Migrants
Harvey I, Schulz A, Israel B, Sand S, Myrie D, Lockett M, et al. The Healthy Connections project: a community-based participatory research project involving women at risk for diabetes and hypertension. Progress in community health partnerships: research, education, and action. 2009;3(4):287-300. Intervention 1428 164 (11.5)/1264 (88.5) 18–29: 93(10.0)
30–44: 223(24.0)
45-59: 287(31.0)
60+: 325(35.0)
N.R. 500
Ethnic group
Kato S, Ando M, Kondo T, Yoshida Y, Honda H, Maruyama S. Lifestyle intervention using Internet of Things (IoT) for the elderly: a study protocol for a randomized control trial (the BEST-LIFE study). Nagoya J Med Sci. 2018;80(2):175-82. Protocol n.a. n.a. n.a. Older people
Kim SE, Castro Sweet CM, Gibson E, Madero EN, Rubino B, Morrison J, et al. Evaluation of a digital diabetes prevention program adapted for the Medicaid population: study design and methods for a non-randomized, controlled trial. Contemp Clin Trials Commun. 2018;10:161-8. Intervention 230 44(19.1)/186(80.9) 48 LSES
Newton RL, Jr., Johnson WD, Larrivee S, Hendrick C, Harris M, Johannsen NM, et al. A randomized community-based exercise training trial in African American men: ARTIIS. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2019. RCT IG/CG
103(100)/0(0) 51.8 Ethnic group
Nicolaou M, Vlaar E, van Valkengoed I, Middelkoop B, Stronks K, Nierkens V. Development of a diabetes prevention program for Surinamese South Asians in the Netherlands. Health promotion international. 2013;29(4):680-91. Review n.a. n.a. n.a. Migrants
Ruggiero LO, S; Choi, J.K: Community-based translation of the diabetes prevention program’s lifestyle intervention in an underserved Latino population. The Diabetes EDUCATOR 2011, 37(4):564-672. Intervention 69 0(0)/69(100) 37.9 Migrants
Siddiqui F, Koivula RW, Kurbasic A, Lindblad U, Nilsson PM, Bennet L. Physical activity in a randomized culturally adapted lifestyle intervention. Am J Prev Med. 2018;55(2):187-96. RCT IG/CG
14 (43.7)/24(56.3)//18 (48.6)/28(51.4)
Vincent D, McEwen MM, Hepworth JT, Stump CS. The effects of a community-based, culturally tailored diabetes prevention intervention for high-risk adults of Mexican descent. The Diabetes educator. 2014;40(2):202-13. RCT IG/CG
Ethnic group
Walker EA, Weiss L, Gary-Webb TL, Realmuto L, Kamler A, Ravenell J, et al. Power Up for Health: Pilot study outcomes of a Diabetes Prevention Program for men from disadvantaged neighborhoods. American Journal of Men's Health. 2018;12(4):989-97. Intervention 29 29(100)/0(0) 49.9 LSES
Whittemore R, Rosenberg A, Gilmore L, Withey M, Breault A. Implementation of a DIABETES PREVENTION PROGRAM IN PUBLIC HOUSING COMMUNITIES. Public Health Nursing. 2014;31(4):317-26. Mixed methods 67 13(19.4)/54(80.6) Diabetes prevention: 41.9
Standard care: 39.0
People in need of care
  1. LSES low socioeconomic status, n.a. not applicable, n.r. not reported