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Table 7 Study characteristics and findings for skills-based outcomes following online dementia education

From: Establishing the effectiveness of technology-enabled dementia education for health and social care practitioners: a systematic review

Study Setting Study design Comparator Measure Results
Chao, Kaas et al. 2016 [52] Practice Repeated measures NA CCS Evidence of effecta
Helms, Denson et al. 2009 [55] HE Non-randomised trial Did not participate in e-module OSCE clinical note score; OSCE performance Evidence of effect
Irvine, A. B., Bourgeois et al. 2007 [17] Practice Randomised trial Did not participate in training Self-efficacy; VST: Self efficacy Evidence of effect
Irvine, A. Blair, Beaty et al. 2013 [59] Practice Before-after NA Self-efficacy; VST: Self efficacy No evidence of effectb
Tomaz, Jose Batista Cisne, Mamede et al. 2015 [66] Practice Controlled before-after Did not receive training DD; MMSE Evidence of effect
  1. CCS Communication Competency Scale, DD Differential diagnosis, HE Higher education, MMSE Mini-mental state examination, NA Not applicable, OSCE Objective structured clinical examination, VST Video situation tests
  2. aBased on first time point following training
  3. bThe findings relate to nurses only