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Table 3 Summary of the critical appraisal checklists by research design

From: Healthcare provider characteristics that influence the implementation of individual-level patient-centered outcome measure (PROM) and patient-reported experience measure (PREM) data across practice settings: a protocol for a mixed methods systematic review with a narrative synthesis

Type of evidence Critical appraisal
Systematic review JBI Systematic Review Appraisal Tool [36]
Qualitative JBI Qualitative Appraisal Tool [37]
Analytical cross-sectional JBI Analytical Cross Sectional Appraisal Tool with others
Survey JBI Prevalence Appraisal Tool in combination with others
Mixed method Mixed Method Appraisal Tool [38]
Organizational implementation JBI Case Report with others
Expert opinion JBI Text and Opinion Appraisal Tool [39]
Literature review JH Non-research Evidence (Literature Review) Appraisal Tool [40]