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Table 2 Indicative search strategy for MEDLINE Complete via EBSCOhost

From: Exploring the comorbidity of musculoskeletal and personality disorders among adults: a scoping review protocol

Search line Index terms/keyword/combinations
S1 (MH “Personality Disorders+”)
S2 (AB “personality disorder*”)
S3 (TI “personality disorder*”)
S4 ((TI personality OR TI borderline) AND (TI disorder* OR TI dysfunction* OR TI pathology OR TI feature* OR TI trait* OR TI symptom*))
S5 (MH “Musculoskeletal Diseases+”)
S6 (AB musculoskeletal)
S7 (TI musculoskeletal)
S8 (MH “Bone Density”)
S9 (AB bone*)
S10 (TI bone*)
S11 (MH “Fractures, Bone+”)
S12 (AB fracture*)
S13 (TI fracture*)
S14 (MH “Accidental Falls”)
S15 (AB fall*)
S16 (TI fall*)
S17 ((TI physical OR TI medical OR TI chronic) AND (TI illness* OR TI disease* OR TI condition* OR TI comorbidity OR TI problem))
S18 ((TI musculoskeletal* OR TI bone* OR TI fall* OR TI fracture*) AND ((TI disease AND TI burden)) OR (TI morbidity OR TI multimorbitity OR TI mortality OR TI disability* OR TI cost*))
S19 S1 OR S2 OR S3 OR S4
S20 S5 OR S6 OR S7 OR S8 OR S9 OR S10 OR S11 OR S12 OR S13 OR S15 OR S16 OR S17 OR S18
S21 S19 AND S20
  1. Search modes = Boolean/Phrase. Search options = Expanders; apply equivalent subjects. Search fields = search in abstract field (AB); search in MeSH/Index Term field (MH); search title field (TI)