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Table 3 Construct and external validity

From: Red blood cell transfusion in animal models of acute brain injuries: a systematic review protocol

Domains Description
Age All same age vs different ages
Sex All male vs all female vs mixed
Comorbidities All healthy vs models with comorbidities vs mixed
Breeding Inbred only vs outbred (wild-type) only vs mixed
Number of participating centers Single vs multicentered
Species Rats, mice, monkeys, cats, dogs, and others
TBI models Fluid percussion injury (FPI), controlled cortical impact (CCI), weight-drop model, acceleration model
Acute stroke models Spontaneous vs induced, global vs focal ischemia, endovascular vs open surgery with ligature, embolic, and photothrombosis
ICH models Blood vs collagenase injection in cerebral parenchyma
SAH models Endovascular perforation of internal carotid artery, blood injection in basal cisterns
Blood transfusion type Whole blood vs packed red blood cells
Anemia Hemorrhage or hemodilution as part of model preparation
Co-interventions Crystalloids, colloids, medications, mechanical ventilation, and others
Timing of treatment Immediate vs delayed treatment measures after brain injury
Death Animals found dead or sacrificed when met criteria for important deterioration (imminent death)