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Table 2 Records retrieved and screened and trials included using each of the search approaches

From: LOCATE: a prospective evaluation of the value of Leveraging Ongoing Citation Acquisition Techniques for living Evidence syntheses

Search approach Records retrieved and screened by title and abstract Records screened by full text Eligible trialsa Included trialsb
Automated Full Search 816 21 7 4
Similar Articles (PubMed) 452 11 1 0
Citing References (Scopus) 244 7 1 1
Total from complementary approaches 1512 39 9 4
Reference standard (full search update at 1 year) 611 (505 after duplicates removed) 24 4 4
  1. aEligible trials were those that met the eligibility criteria for the SR
  2. bIncluded studies were those that met the eligibility criteria and had not been previously located by another (or the same) search approach. One study (Chen et al. [25]) was located in the same month by the Automated Full Search and the Scopus Cited References search