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Table 1 Stakeholder input

From: The informed consent process in health research with under-served populations: a realist review protocol

Invitation via email will be to the following potential stakeholders to join a realist review discussion group via videoconferencing:
- Staff from the Clinical Research Network (CRN) West Midlands that have experience of working within a health research setting
- Clinical academics from the Clinical Trials Unit, Warwick Medical School
- Health professionals in the West Midlands from a secondary care setting that have experience of delivering health research
- NIHR (Public) Research Champions whom are part of the Clinical Research Network West Midlands Equality, Diversity and Inclusion working group
There will be two separate groups, one each for professionals and NIHR (Public) Research Champions, who will meet virtually, up to three times during the following points:
- At the second iteration: meeting to develop a working definition for the term under-served and to prioritise programme theory(ies)
- At the third iteration: meeting to refine programme theory
- End of project final meeting when review is complete