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Table 1 Attributes and levels for scenario 1

From: Discrete choice experiment to determine preferences of decision-makers in healthcare for different formats of rapid reviews

Attribute Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Database searches Number of databases Medline or another database Medline + 1 further database Medline + 2 further databases
Number of reviewers for screening 1 reviewer 2 reviewers, no seeking for consensus 2 reviewers and seeking for consensus
Publication period to be considered Last 2 years Last 5 years Last 10 years
Data extraction Number of reviewers for data extraction 1 reviewer, no quality assurance 2 reviewers, no quality assurance 2 reviewers and quality assurance
Full-text analysis No full-text analysis Full-text analysis for easily obtainable literature only Full-text analysis
Extent Type of HTA-domains Safety, efficacy Safety, efficacy, economic aspects Safety, efficacy, economic, and further aspects