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Table 1 Summary of included empirical studies

From: Direct and indirect evidence of efficacy and safety of rapid exercise tests for exertional desaturation in Covid-19: a rapid systematic review

  1. 6MWT 6-minute walk test, 2MWT 2-minute walk test, 5STST 5-repetition sit to stand test, 30secSTST 30 s sit to stand test, 1MSTST 1-minute STS test, ISWT incremental shuttle walking test, 1-rep max of quads 1-repetition maximum of quadriceps muscle, CPET cardiopulmonary exercise testing, 15SCT 15-steps climbing test, IST incremental step test, 10MCT 10-minutes cycling test, 4MGS 4-minute gait speed test, 3MCTRT 3-minute chair to rise test, PCP pneumocystis pneumonia, IPF idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF)
  2. *Risk of bias column summarises the following assessments in this order: Risk of bias: patient selection/index test/reference standard/flow and timing, Concerns about applicability: patient selection/index test/reference standard: ; ; ? unclear risk of bias