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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Midazolam for sedation before procedures in adults and children: a systematic review update

Criteria Description
Studies • Randomized Controlled Trials in which midazolam was used for sedation before a procedure
• No exclusions based on language or publication status
Participants • Adults or children
• Studies that included participants undergoing dental procedures were excluded
Interventions • Studies that used midazolam by any route, at any dose or time, administered before a procedure
• Studies that compared different drugs and different routes were excluded (e.g. intranasal midazolam plus intravenous sedative A versus intranasal sedative A plus intravenous midazolam; intravenous midazolam versus intranasal sedative A)
Outcomes Primary
• Level of sedation on a sedation assessment scale
• Anxiety
• Incomplete procedures/difficulty performing procedures
• Discomfort/pain
• Anterograde amnesia
• Over-sedation
• Disinhibition or excitation
• Quality of recovery
• Allergic or anaphylactoid reactions
• Sedation reversal
• Tolerance of procedure or participant cooperation
• Participant or proceduralist satisfaction