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Table 2 . Draft Central Search Strategy

From: Defining, conceptualizing, and measuring perceived maternal care quality in low- to high-income countries: a scoping review protocol

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1. Postpartum Period/ or Pregnancy/ or Labor, Obstetric/ or Pregnancy, High-Risk/ or Labor, Obstetric/ or Fetus/ or Breast Feeding/ or Parturition/ or Birth Setting/ or Natural Childbirth/ or Term Birth/ or Pregnancy Outcome/ or Abortion, Spontaneous/ or Live Birth/ or Stillbirth/ or Pregnancy, Multiple/ or Pregnancy, Quadruplet/ or Pregnancy, Quintuplet/ or Pregnancy, Triplet/ or Pregnancy, Twin/ or Pregnancy, Unplanned/ or Pregnancy Complications/ or Abortion, Spontaneous/ or Abortion, Threatened/ or Chorea Gravidarum/ or Diabetes, Gestational/ or Fetal Death/ or Fetal Diseases/ or Hypertension, Pregnancy-Induced/ or Morning Sickness/ or Nuchal Cord/ or Obesity, Maternal/ or Obstetric Labor Complications/ or Oligohydramnios/ or Pelvic Floor Disorders/ or Pemphigoid Gestationis/ or Perinatal Death/ or Phenylketonuria, Maternal/ or Placenta Diseases/ or Polyhydramnios/ or Pregnancy Complications, Cardiovascular/ or Pregnancy Complications, Hematologic/ or Pregnancy Complications, Infectious/ or Pregnancy Complications, Neoplastic/ or Pregnancy In Diabetics/ or Pregnancy, Ectopic/ or Pregnancy, Prolonged/ or Prenatal Injuries/ or Puerperal Disorders/ or Pregnancy Trimesters/ or Pregnancy Trimester, First/ or Pregnancy Trimester, Second/ or Pregnancy Trimester, Third/ or Pregnant Women/
2. (parturition or obstetric* or prenatal or postnatal or perinatal or maternal or pregnan* or childbirth or birth or birthing or births or antenatal or gestation* or antepartum or postpartum or labor or labour or preterm or pre-term or stillbirth or neonatal or neo-natal or intra-partum or intrapartum or fetal or foetal or fetus* or foetus* or induction* or induce or trimester).ti,kw.
3. 1 or 2
4. “Health Care Quality, Access, and Evaluation”/ or After-Hours Care/ or Answering Services/ or Culturally Competent Care/ or Delivery of Health Care, Integrated/ or Health Care Reform/ or Healthcare Disparities/ or Telemedicine/ or Safety-net Providers/ or Hospitalization/ or “Referral and Consultation”/ or Office Visits/ or House Calls/
5. (healthcare or care or consultation or consultations or office or appointment* or hospital or hospitals or clinic or clinics or monitor* or center or centers or centre or centres or unit or units or facilit* or exam or exams or provider or providers or practitioner or practitioner or induction or induce or referral or surgery or surgeries or surgical or procedure).ti,kw.
6. 4 or 5
7. Perinatal Care/ or Postnatal Care/ or Maternal Health Services/ or Maternal-Child Health Services/ or Prenatal Care/ or exp Obstetric Surgical Procedures/
8. 7 not Abortion, Induced/
9. (3 and 6) or 8
10. Quality of Health Care/ or Health Services Accessibility/ or Patient Satisfaction/ or Patient Preference/ or Personal Satisfaction/
11. ((patient* or prenatal or postnatal or perinatal or maternal or maternity or pregnan* or mother* or parent* or wom?n* or childbirth or birth or births or antenatal or breastfe* or eclampsia or preeclampsia or pre-eclampsia or gestation* or antepartum or postpartum or labor or labour or preterm or pre-term or stillbirth or neonatal or neo-natal or intra-partum or intrapartum) adj3 (quality or satisf* or experience* or perception* or perceived or perspective* or opinion* or memory or memories or fear or trauma*)).ti,kw.
12. 10 or 11
13. Evaluation Studies as Topic/ or “Surveys and Questionnaires”/ or Health Care Surveys/ or Patient Reported Outcome Measures/ or Patient Health Questionnaire/ or Self Report/ or exp "Outcome and Process Assessment, Health Care"/ or Factor Analysis, Statistical/ or Psychometrics/
14. (assessment or feedback* or questionnaire* or interview* or tool* or instrument* or measur* or survey or surveys or focus group* or scale* or validity or reliability or EFA or “factor analysis”).ti,kw.
15. 13 or 14
16. (exp animals/ not or Veterinarians/ or exp Veterinary Medicine/
17. (9 and 12 and 15) not 16
18. limit 17 to english language