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Table 2 Presentation of basic data of the included spinal Rosai-Dorfman casesa

From: Diagnosis and treatment of Rosai-Dorfman disease of the spine: a systematic literature review

Item Value
Age, mean ± standard deviation (33.1 ± 18.3) years
Course, M(QR) 2.1(5.0) months
Follow-up period, M(QR) 12.0(11.8) months
Spine-related symptoms 63(91.3%)
Focal pain at the spinal lesions 31(44.9%)
Myelopathy/radiculopathy 54(78.3%)
Lymph nodes enlargement 12(17.4%)
Multiple organ involvement 27(39.1%)
Abnormal laboratory tests 17(24.6%)
  1. M(QR) stands for median(quartile range)
  2. aOnly data that were originally documented were included in this statistical analysis