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Table 1 MEDLINE search strategy through the PubMed interface

From: A methodological review protocol of the use of Bayesian factor analysis in primary care research

Concepts PubMed
Bayesian (bayes*[tw] OR “Bayes Theorem”[Mesh] OR Gibbs sampler OR “MCMC” OR “prior distribution” OR “posterior distribution”) AND
Factor Analysis (“Factor Analysis, Statistical”[Mesh] OR factor analys*[tw] OR item domain correlation* OR item response theor* OR structure equation model* OR latent variable* OR factor loading*) AND
Primary Care (“family”[all fields] OR physician*[all fields] OR practice*[tw] OR “primary care”[all fields] OR “Primary Health Care”[mh] OR primary[tw] OR general pract*[tiab] OR gp[tiab] OR gps[tiab] OR clinic*[tiab] OR refer*[tiab] OR visit*[tiab] OR outpatient*[tiab] OR consult*[tiab] OR communit*[tiab] OR ambulatory[tiab] OR centre*[tiab] OR office[tiab])