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Table 4 Summary of tasks for thematic analysis

From: Expanding enhanced recovery protocols for cardiac surgery to include the patient voice: a scoping review protocol

Task Description
Extraction Statements of patient and caregiver preference, and prioritized outcomes will be extracted from the final set of included articles.
Familiarization All members of the research team will read the list of included statements and will group common themes and generate ideas for thematic analysis.
Coding Statements of preference or prioritized outcome will be uploaded to NVivo. Codes relating to theme, perioperative timepoint, and other variables of interest will be applied.
Thematic review Similar statements within each theme will be grouped into sub-themes, and this list will be presented to the research team for review, discussion, and modification.
Final definitions Final themes and sub-themes will be arrived at by consensus discussion to ensure completeness and relevance, and to eliminate duplicate or overlapping ideas.