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Table 2 Proposed variables to be charted, by category

From: Expanding enhanced recovery protocols for cardiac surgery to include the patient voice: a scoping review protocol

Category Variable
Publication characteristics Title
Year of publication
Journal/source (if unpublished)
Published (yes/no)
Author characteristics Surnames
Discipline; point of view; “lens”
Study characteristics Design
 a. Procedure/operation subgroup (if applicable; e.g., emergent vs. elective)
 b. Disease subgroup (if applicable)
 c. Setting
Primary outcome(s)
Outcome measures
Limitations/risk of bias
Stakeholder characteristics Who was the stakeholder (patient/caregiver/both/other)?
Total number of stakeholders
Method of engagement (if applicable)
Engagement time point (i.e., at which stage(s) of the research design? If applicable)
Patient- or caregiver-focused results Patient- or caregiver-identified preferences (including priorities)
 a. What is the preference?
 b. Before/during/after/long after surgery?
 c. Measure(s) and associated outcome(s)
Patient- or caregiver-prioritized outcome(s)
 a. What is the outcome?
 b. Before/during/after/long after surgery?
 c. Measure(s)