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Table 1 Population, concept, context (PCC) framework for determining the eligibility of the research question

From: Expanding enhanced recovery protocols for cardiac surgery to include the patient voice: a scoping review protocol

Criteria Determinants
Population Adult cardiac surgery patients and their caregivers.
Adult cardiac surgery patient is defined as a person over the age of 18 who has undergone a surgical operation of the heart or great vessels (thoracic aorta, superior/inferior vena cava, pulmonary arteries/veins).
Caregiver refers to those persons with interest in the patient’s wellbeing who are not remunerated for their role in the patient’s life.
Concept (a) Outcomes that are important to patients and caregivers.
  Outcome refers to both acute perioperative status and the lifelong impact of cardiac surgery on the patient.
(b) Patient and caregiver preferences.
Preference refers to what is important and/or prioritized in relation to the patient’s life after cardiac surgery.
Context Perioperative period of cardiac surgery, including care received through enhanced recovery protocols.