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Table 1 Description of the guidelines included in this study

From: Appraisal of the diagnostic procedures of acute pancreatitis in the guidelines

Guideline ID Short name Year Country Reference number Funding Grading system Interest conflict Version
Ari Leppäniemi et al. [2] Ar 2019 Italy 142 Not applicable GRADE No First
Li JX et al. [3] Li 2017 China 50 NG NG No Updated
Joshua A. Greenberg, et al. [4] Jo 2015 Canada 137 NG NG None declared Updated
Masamichi Yokoe et al. [5] Ma 2015 Japan 339 Ajinomoto GRADE No Updated
AISP [6] AI 2015 Italy 219 NG APACHE None declared. Updated
GSCCSITWM [7] GS 2014 China 18 NSTSP Delphi NG Updated
PDGCSG et al. [8] PD 2019 China 61 NG GRADE NG Updated
  1. AISP The Italian Association for the Study of the Pancreas; GSCCSITWM General Surgery Committee of Chinese Society of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine; PDGCSG Pancreatic Disease Group of Chinese Society of Gastroenterology; Ajinomoto Ajinomoto Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan; NSTSP National Science and Technology Support Program; NO there is no interest conflict; NG not given