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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Protocol for systematic review: patient decision aids for total hip and knee arthroplasty decision-making

PICO framework Inclusion Exclusion
Population • Adults aged 18 years and older
• Hip/knee OA
• Primary elective THA/TKA
TJA for:
• Trauma
• Emergency
• Previous TJA
• Revision
• Prosthesis replacement
• Other conditions than OA
Intervention • PtDA for TJA
• PtDA needs to meet the six minimum definition IPDAS criteria
• PtDA of any types
• PtDA exposition: before, during, and after consultations
• Other SDM strategies
• Not enough information to evaluate PtDA content
Comparators • Alternative of care (another PtDA)
• Standard of care
• No intervention
Outcomes Primary outcomes:
• Decision quality (knowledge, values-based choice)
• Decision-making process (decisional conflict, patient participation)
Secondary outcomes:
• Decision-making results (decisional satisfaction, actual decision made, health status, and harm)
• Do not report any of the outcomes of interest
Study design • RCT • All other designs, commentaries, dissertations, and conference abstracts
Languages • All languages that can be translated