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Table 2 Search strategy for CINAHL® to identify published articles reporting on climate change impacts on human health in North America published after 2013 (see Appendix 1 for search strategies for Web of Science™, Scopus®, Embase® via Ovid, and MEDLINE® via Ovid)

From: Climate change and health in North America: literature review protocol

Component Search term
North America Canada OR “North America” OR “United States” OR “United States of America” OR USA OR Mexico OR “United Mexican States” OR “British Columbia” OR Alberta OR Manitoba OR Saskatchewan OR Ontario OR Quebec OR “Prince Edward Island” OR PEI OR “Nova Scotia” OR “New Brunswick” OR Newfoundland OR Labrador OR Yukon OR Nunavut OR “Northwest Territories” OR NWT OR Alabama OR Alaska OR Arizona OR Arkansas OR California OR Colorado OR Connecticut OR Delaware OR Florida OR Georgia OR Hawaii OR Idaho OR Illinois OR Indiana OR Iowa OR Kansas OR Kentucky OR Louisiana OR Maine OR Maryland OR Massachusetts OR Michigan OR Minnesota OR Mississippi OR Missouri OR Montana OR Nebraska OR Nevada OR “New Hampshire” OR “New Jersey” OR “New Mexico” OR “New York” OR “North Carolina” OR “North Dakota” OR Ohio OR Oklahoma OR Oregon OR Pennsylvania OR “Rhode Island” OR “South Carolina” OR “South Dakota” OR Tennessee OR Texas OR Utah OR Vermont OR Virginia OR Washington OR “West Virginia” OR Wisconsin OR Wyoming OR Aguascalientes OR “Baja California” OR Campeche OR Chiapas OR Chihuahua OR Coahuila OR Colima OR Durango OR Guanajuato OR Guerrero OR Hidalgo OR Jalisco OR México OR Michoacán OR Morelos OR Nayarit OR “Nuevo León” OR Oaxaca OR Puebla OR Querétaro OR “Quintana Roo” OR “San Luis Potosí” OR Sinaloa OR Sonora OR Tabasco OR Tamaulipas OR Tlaxcala OR Veracruz OR Yucatán OR Zacatecas
Climate change “climate change” OR weather OR “atmospheric pressure” OR “climatic change” OR “global warming” OR “environmental change” OR “climate disaster” OR “greenhouse effect” OR “climate variability” OR “climatic variability” OR “carbon emission” OR cold OR cool OR cooling OR heat OR humid* OR ice OR precipitation OR rain* OR season* OR snow* OR storm OR temperature OR warm OR warming OR wind OR “ultraviolet radiation” OR UV
Human health health OR disease* OR morbidity OR mortality OR wellbeing OR illness* OR wellness OR infect* OR death OR injur* OR mental* OR emotion*