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Table 1 Examples of research questions guiding the climate change and health in North America literature review

From: Climate change and health in North America: literature review protocol

Example questions
1. What types of published literature exist on climate change and health in North America? • Primary research articles
• Review articles using systematic methods
2. What are the North American publication trends over time? • Year of article publication
3. What is the geographical distribution of research and data in North America? • Canada
• United States of America (USA)
• Mexico
• Multinational, including North America
4. What types of climate-health data are being assessed in the literature? What is the nature of climate-health literature and state-of-knowledge for different health outcomes? • Weather data (e.g. temperature, UV, precipitation)
• Climatic hazard data (e.g. hurricanes, wildfires, heat events, air quality)
• Health data (e.g. heat morbidity and/or mortality, respiratory illness, vectorborne diseases)
• Social characteristics as they relate to impacts on climate-sensitive health outcomes (e.g. gender, income, education, ethnicity)
5. What aspects of climate change are being focused on in North America? • Climate change impacts
• Climate change adaptation
• Climate change mitigation
6. What research methodologies are being used? • Qualitative research/quantitative research/mixed qualitative and quantitative research
• Inclusion of future climate projections
7. What are key climate-health risks in North America? • Intersection of climatic variables, health outcomes, and social characteristics
8. What climate-health adaptation strategies are effective in North America, for whom, under what conditions, and why? • Climate change adaptation