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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Protocol for a systematic review on the experience of informal caregivers for people with a moderate to advanced dementia within a domestic home setting

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Type of papers: peer-reviewed empirical papers, qualitative papers including case studies and mixed-methods (both telephone and postal surveys are acceptable only if open-ended questions are asked) Papers that are not primary research e.g. systematic reviews, meta-analysis
Language of papers: English Papers in other languages
Date: published between 1984 and present Papers were written before 1984
Population of focus: unpaid family members or informal caregiver Population of focus relates to other groups of carers e.g. paid carers, professionals
Age group: 18 and above Below 18
Primary illness of interest: moderate to advanced dementia Other illnesses
Setting: domestic home setting, unpaid home-based care Other formal care establishments where care provision is paid for
Focus of papers: current experiences or views or needs of family caregiver Focus on the views of others, or where death has already occurred