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Table 1 Search strategy of PubMed database

From: Prevalence of delirium, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder among COVID-19 patients: protocol for a living systematic review

#1 “Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic”[Mesh] OR “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder*”[Title/Abstract] OR “Post traumatic Neuroses”[Title/Abstract] OR “Post traumatic Stress Disorder*”[Title/Abstract] OR “Post Traumatic Neuroses”[Title/Abstract] OR “Post-Traumatic Neuroses”[Title/Abstract] OR “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder*”[Title/Abstract] OR “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder*”[Title/Abstract] OR “Moral Injur*”[Title/Abstract] OR “Delayed Onset Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”[Title/Abstract] OR “Delayed Onset Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”[Title/Abstract] OR “Chronic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder*”[Title/Abstract] OR “Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder*”[Title/Abstract]
#2 “Depressive Disorder”[Mesh] OR “Depression”[Mesh] OR “Depression*”[Title/Abstract] OR “Depressive Symptom*”[Title/Abstract] OR “Emotional Depression*”[Title/Abstract] OR “Depressive Disorder*”[Title/Abstract] OR “Depressive Neuroses”[Title/Abstract] OR “Depressive Neurosis”[Title/Abstract] OR “Endogenous Depression*”[Title/Abstract] OR “Depressive Syndrome*”[Title/Abstract] OR “Neurotic Depression*”[Title/Abstract] OR “Melancholia*”[Title/Abstract] OR “Unipolar Depression*”[Title/Abstract]
#3 “Delirium”[Mesh] OR “Delirium”[Title/Abstract] OR “Subacute Delirium*”[Title/Abstract] OR “Delirium of Mixed Origin”[Title/Abstract] OR “Mixed Origin Delirium*”[Title/Abstract]
#4 “Anxiety”[Mesh] OR “Anxiet*”[Title/Abstract] OR “Hypervigilance”[Title/Abstract] OR “Nervousness”[Title/Abstract] OR “Social Anxiet*”[Title/Abstract]
#5 “COVID-19” [Supplementary Concept]
#6 “2019 novel coronavirus disease”[Title/Abstract] OR “COVID19”[Title/Abstract] OR “COVID-19 pandemic”[Title/Abstract] OR “SARS-CoV-2 infection”[Title/Abstract] OR “COVID-19 virus disease”[Title/Abstract] OR “2019 novel coronavirus infection”[Title/Abstract] OR “2019-nCoV infection”[Title/Abstract] OR “coronavirus disease 2019”[Title/Abstract] OR “coronavirus disease-19”[Title/Abstract] OR “2019-nCoV disease”[Title/Abstract] OR “COVID-19 virus infection”[Title/Abstract]
#7 #1 OR #2 OR #3 OR #4
#8 #5 OR #6
#9 #7 AND #8