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Table 2 Summary of recommendations from included clinical practice guidelines

From: Preventing the transmission of COVID-19 and other coronaviruses in older adults aged 60 years and above living in long-term care: a rapid review

Recommendations AGS, 2020 [19] CDC, 2020 [25] ECRI, 2020a [26] ECRI, 2020b [20] Geffen, 2020 HPS, 2020 [23] Lester, 2020 [24] MOH, 2020 [27] WHO, 2020 [21]
Cohorting equipment    X       
Communication     X   X X   X
Consulting/notifying health professionals X   X      X  
Diagnostic testing         X  
Disinfecting surfaces   X X   X X   X X
Droplet precautions         X X
Education X X   X      X
Hand hygiene   X X   X X   X  
Personal protective equipment   X X   X X X X X
Policies for visitors   X    X    X  
Provide supplies X X   X X     
Respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette   X   X X X   X  
Social distancing/isolation/cohorting X X X   X X X   X
Staffing policies X X    X X   X  
Surveillance/monitoring/evaluation X X   X X X X X X