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BOX 1 List of search terms

From: Impact of racism and discrimination on the physical and mental health among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples living in Australia: a protocol for a scoping review

#1. Racism OR Discrimination OR “Racial Prejudice(s)” OR “Racial discrimination” OR “Covert racism(s)” OR Harass OR Bully OR “Unfair treat” OR Oppress.
#2. “mental health” OR Depression OR Anxiety OR stress OR Distress OR Suicide OR “quality of life” OR “self-efficacy” OR “satisfaction with illness” OR “satisfaction with life” OR “Psychological distress” OR “emotional problems” OR “Psychological illness.”
#3. “physical health” OR “wellbeing” OR “cancer” OR “cardiovascular disease” OR “blood pressure” OR “Hypertension” OR “dysfunctional breathing” OR “Respiratory difficulties” OR “Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease” OR “disease” OR “Life satisfaction” OR “Quality of life” OR “BMI” OR “Body max index” OR “ Asthma” OR “Cardiovascular disease” OR “Blood pressure” OR “Hypertension” OR “Heart disease” OR “chronic conditions” OR “Chronic disease” OR smoking OR tobacco OR “Alcohol” OR Drug OR “Substance use.”
#4. Indigenous OR “Indigenous people(s)” OR Aboriginal OR “Torres Strait Islander” OR “First people(S)”
#5. Australia OR “Rural Australia” OR “Remote Australia” OR “Urban Australia”